I’m one of those people who might be called Creative. 
I'm always looking for inspiration and for this I tend to travel a lot for long periods. 
I'm not able to stay for too long in the same place. 

I am passionate about photography and video making. In both cases, seeking the essence of a portrait in the eyes of the subject or the beauty of a landscape in trying to tell a story. 
I work often my shots to try to extract most of the colors that the eye often escape. I consider photography an art form as well as to write; Photography means writing with light. 
I write and direct projects about short shorts or small shooting while traveling. 
I worked for several private and some Italian companies and in this moment I have some collaborations in this field. 
In my free time I also graduated in Biology. 

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
Contact me for work or collaboration.
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